From aperitif to dinner

One of the protagonists of the Seafood Restaurant in Rimini Rockisland is undoubtedly the fish, fresh and prepared everyday. Often accompanied by homemade pasta, rolled up with a rolling pin, of the best Romagna tradition.

Our restaurant proposes special dishes like sea crudity: shrimps, oysters, tuna, mazzancolle, tartar of seabass and sepia.
Enjoy our salmon and tuna tartar with pink pepper and Cervia salt, and among the best sauces the selection of carp fish, swordfish, tuna and salmon.

Our dishes, always with fresh vegetables and top quality fish, follow the seasons. In winter time, you will find pumpkin, truffle and porcini recipes, while in the summer months you will never miss the freshly harvested fruits and vegetables for the best combinations that Rockisland Fish Restaurant can offer.
All dishes are homemade, from starters to sweets. Pizza is also handmade, with particular doughs such as bio and whole grains.
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